How To Have A Lucid Dream – 7 Important Tips That Will Help You

The pioneer of lucid dreaming Dr Stephen LaBerge of Stanford University and the monks of Tibet are proof enough that it is possible to train yourself to control your dreams and affect the way they unfold. “Lucid dreaming” means ‘being conscious enough while you dream, so you could steer your dream the way you want to be”. To do this, you need to train your conscious mind to stay awake even when the body goes to sleep.

Sounds impossible, but it is not. With a little practice, deep understanding on the matter and a lot of patience you can experience lucid dreaming at will. Here are 7 tips that will help you learn how to have a lucid dream fast enough:

1. Take naps often. Interrupted sleep usually aids lucid dreaming. Also keep a pen and paper always handy. As soon as you open your eyes write down what you have dreamt. Every time you fall asleep plan to start from you left the dream last.

2. Put on binaural beats before you retire for bed. Binaural beats will improve your rate of success manifold. With the help of these beats, your brain can trigger non-REM sleep and you could learn to control your dreams better.

3. Practice noticing your surroundings more carefully – one very important tip about learning lucid dreaming is to develop your ability to scan your surroundings and gather as much information about it in the shorted time possible. By developing this sense, you would be able to do the same in the lucid dream.

4. Install a tape-recorder in your bedroom – sometimes, when the training simply does not work, you could start with clues you may get from your taped cassettes. First, it will help you remember by listening to the playback. Sometimes, you will have difficulty remembering your dreams; hence, a tape-recorder would help you remember with whatever words you have used aloud.

5. Spicy food is good for this exercise – In many guides about how to learn to have a lucid dream it is mentioned that spicy food is recommended. It has been observed that most people, who consume very spicy foods, are able to control their dreams better. So, go ahead have enjoy your favorite Oriental food before starting to practice.

6. Affirm that you can do it – it is important that YOU believe it. Yu are not doing just because your best friend/ spouse/ trainer tells you to do so. It is important that you believe that (1) there are lucid dreams, (2) you and anyone who wants to) can learn how to have a lucid dream, and (3) you can do it. Say to yourself before going to bed, “Today, I can manage my dreams.” or “I know I can do it.” – and then practice. It will make a tremendous difference.

7. Note down all you dreamt immediately after you woke – “immediately” means just that. Do not wait until you drank a glass to water, or until you visited the bathroom, etc. You need to write down all the dream down to the last detail.

It takes practice, perseverance and plenty of patience; but the good news is that anyone who wants can learn how to have a lucid dream can do so. You too!


Knowing more about lucid dreaming techniques

If you are someone who wants to learn more about lucid dreaming, you seem to be very serious about having total conscious freedom while dream. You are very lucky because in the following paragraphs you will get to learn more lucid dreaming techniques.

1. One of the first things you will need to do is put yourself in the right mindset in order to have a lucid dream. You will need to believe you can do it and know that it’s vital you should do it and also know what you will want to do when your dream will begin. Be confident of what you are doing.

2. You will also need to have your dream memory increased. One of the steps is called “dream recall” and before you will go to sleep, you will need to keep telling yourself that you will remember your dreams many times. You will need to set your alarm so that it wakes you up in the middle of night or you can also try and use the snooze function so that in the morning you will come in and out of the dream realm. The fact is that if you will wake up from a dream, there are more chances you will remember it.

3. It’s also recommended you will have a journal next to your bed so that you can then write when you wake up, what you dreamed. No matter how insignificant a detail might be, you should record it in your journal. Anything that you will be able to remember and record is very useful.

4. Now you should focus more on learning about your dream life. Take a look at the journal you have created and then look for the state of mind you have when dreaming, for events and also themes. If there are any dreams that are repeating themselves, check and see what could have caused this. If you find dream signs it will help you being aware of whether you are dreaming or not.

5. When you are wake you should try and become more aware of your surroundings. We most often don’t pay attention to the small and insignificant things, but you should not overlook them. Make sure you will use all of your 5 senses in order to take inventory of your daily experiences.

6. Perform some reality checks in order to see whether you are dreaming or not. You should also ask yourself whether your surroundings make sense or not. Test the gravity as well and see whether something is not right. If there are problems with this or anything else that’s not considered normal, then you are in a dream.

7. Combine what you’ve learned about dreaming with what you know about reality. When you will see one of the dream signs, you should perform a check and see if you are dreaming or not.

Remember these lucid dreaming techniques as they were very important for your goal. All you have to do in order to achieve lucid dreaming is to be much disciplined and perform the checks you just read about. Good luck!